Equipping conference halls

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Office furniture

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Educational equipment and furniture

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Multifunctional tables and chairs and metal products

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Equipping laboratories and libraries

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Design and implementation of interior decoration and partitioning

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Iran Education Equipment (TEMA)

TEMA.Co has been active in the manufacture of educational furniture for more than three decades. Our mission is to improve the quality of the education by making standard and elegant furniture.

TEMA’s factory is located near Sari city, with an area of 60 hectares in total; and the area of the manufactory exceeds 6 hectares.

These lines include:

Factory production lines equipped with various machinery such as Metal production, Welding, Robotic powder coating, MDF production, solid wood, UV printing, Plastic injection, Aluminum injection (die-casting), Assembly and packaging.

Our products include:

Educational equipment and furniture, Office furniture, Multifunctional tables and chairs, Metal cabinets, and Equipping conference halls can be also done by our professional team.

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